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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Vain Bryan's list of US coaches and his hatred for foreign coaches seems to worded like a politician.

His hatred of foreign coaches funded by the USTA is targeted towards just one guy I think: Jose Higueras. He is not the first person to be upset by Jose's top appointment at the USTA and his belief in the Spanish style and clay courts, and the fact that Jose has not taken US citizenship.

Vain should keep in mind that of the coaches he listed, only Annacone was found worthy by Federer of coaching him. Guess who is the other? Higueras.

Vain needs to reminded that the following American pro players have been coached by Higueras: Chang, Martin, Sampras, Ginepri.

Vain needs to contact the above players and ask them why they did not hire the "incredible" American coaches instead, thus providing them employment for that period of time. The answer may not be appreciated by Vain, because he does not know that excellence in tennis does not go by his narrow minded views, as he never accomplished anything at an elite level that the tennis world cares about.

I also love how Vain mentions American coaches of all shapes and sizes to show that though he hates foreign coaches, he is all-inclusive about gender and race and should never be perceived as bigoted. Very clever politician at work here.
I am not a fan of WBryan's. He singled me out at a presentation he gave a couple years back because I wouldn't clap and singalong to his lame guitar playing. He continued to belittle me the entire presentation. But he does have a point here. I see most of the American boys matches at the USO. Never see Higueras there. Never see PMac there. Never seen PMac at a supernational. Did see Higueras once- he was there to watch one player. I learned a long time ago that the person on the work floor managing day in day out- that's the person really in charge. In USTA PD that person is Jay Berger. He's always there watching, talking to coaches, talking to parents. WB wants the coaches in the trenches in charge. PM and JH are not even at the biggest events, let alone in the trenches.
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