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Originally Posted by galain View Post
I'd also be interested to know how things go with finances if it's not too forward. Not necessarily yourself, but in general at the junior level and the satellite level - I suspect we never get to see many talented players because the finances just don't stretch that far?
Stats from the USTA:

The average expenditure of a tour player: $143K per year

Breakeven point (where prize earnings = expenses): #119ATP, or #145 WTA

The average player is on tour for 7 years, and takes 3-4 years to break into the top 100 (if she/he lasts that long on tour)


Imagine a business operating at a loss for the first 3 years of its existence, and that's pretty close to the actual financial situation of a tour player.

It takes a lot of financial help from federations, sponsors and family members/friends to make it, not just talent
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