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Originally Posted by FrisbeeFool View Post

Peter Lungren says: "Stan is closing his racket head very early" He is of course referring to Stan's take-back. What else would he be referring to? That is how Stan closes the racket face, with his take-back. Watch the video. Look how early Stan's take-back is.

This link is only about the high takeback. If you watch the video, the players they show all have their racket back and are coiled, before the ball bounces. No counting to five here.

Early preparation with a higher takeback than more oldschool players like connors and evert. It's how everyone plays these days. With the high takeback you can drop the racket back down behind the ball and hit through it, even on higher bouncing balls.
Thanks for reposting and I really like the professional tone of your comments.
I don't mean to be argumentative, but would like to question some of the points
you made as they relate directly to the OP and what he is asking.

You say the comment about closing the racket head is on his tk back, but I just
don't see that, as it seems he really keeps it pretty open till swinging forward
during alignment for contact. Maybe you can help me see what you have here.

I don't have a problem with what you are calling early prep, but Hunter is looking
to see how this differs from the past where early prep was racket well
behind the back shoulder and racket mostly pointing to back/side fence....not
2 hands on racket directly in front of the back shoulder like Stan here. I guess
calling it early prep is fine, but confusing from a different early prep in classic
instruction pov.

It's also hard to say this prep is earlier than Evert and other old schoolers who
ran around the court at times with the racket already in full back position.
IMO Stan is a better example of continuous loop, than early prep and also don't
see why you can't have a loop with a lower tk back. It's more obvious
with a high tk back, but a lower tk back can do a small loop too, right?
thanks for your insights
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