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Originally Posted by jk175d View Post
lol, right, Because that's how everyone serves in the 4.5 leagues.
Sorry, but being called on a foot fault while being totally oblivious that you're doing it and then having a mental collapse leading to a loss does not sound like "4.5" to me.

Sounds like 3.5-4.0 antics played from a losing position.

It was also my mistake to not assume that everyone on the internet is 4.5 playoff level quality players too.

Originally Posted by jk175d View Post
wow, you know how to stir up the hyperbole don't you? Look, you said you had never seen and couldn't imagine an instance where anything positive had come from calling a foot fault. I provided an anecdote to give a contrary example. The guy had at least one shoe completely in the court or it wouldn't even have occurred to me. As I said, almost half of the guys in USTA leagues, even at 4.5 level often have at least a toe if not a foot in the court on their serve. In hundreds of matches I've called it once, only AFTER talking to the guy about it on a changeover.

Your analogies are ridiculous, irrelevant and overblown.
So, the "positive" outcome was a win over a mentally insufficient opponent who has a collapse over being called for a footfault which you called after you happened to be losing. Ok.

And then we have another person in this thread talking about how his partner in a "college doubles tournament" walks up to the net and spikes the ball down and claims the point. Also, a "positive" outcome im guessing, because he won the point.

If you feel comfortable with calling a foot fault for players having a "toe in the court" that's all you. I agree that footfaulting happens. I agree that you are within your right to call it. I disagree with the amount that it is called and question the intentions behind those calls.

I really believe that 95% of foot faulting should be called by refs and not by opponents who are usually losing and getting desperate.
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