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Originally Posted by Dedans Penthouse View Post no more
This would work on more than one level. I am not sure about its current status, but Maggie's was a notorious bar in Beijing, full of prostitutes and comparable to that bar in the original "Star Wars" film. The prostitutes are from Russia and Mongolia, and Chinese men are discouraged from entering.

Prostitution is a serious crime in China, but the Public Security Bureau allows it to operate in certain locations. There are many ways PSB can find this useful.
Originally Posted by SoBad View Post
The bigger question is - is a vodka martini olive pit, which has caused damage to a tooth, merchantable, if consumed at dinner at a Bethesda, MD, restaurant?
Originally Posted by ilovecarlos View Post
Surprised you didn't come try to knock my door down again
Is SoBad a law student? If ILC needed an attorney a few years from now, and SoBad had a vodka martini in his hand, a damaged tooth, and was trying to knock her door down, would she hire him?
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