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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
He may have made more finals,but he didn't win any of them. His season this year reminds me a lot of Nadal's season last year. His season was seen as a failure because he didn't win hardly any of the finals he made. I know that this place is full of double standards(especially when it comes to Nadal),but if Nadal's season was seen as a flop last year then ****'s season this year has been a flop as well.

And even though **** won Toronto,he really didn't deserve to. That tournament was challenger level this year. Pathetic doesn't even begin to describe it. He has also not beaten anyone in the top 4 since June. If that were Nadal there would be a hundred threads started on here about it.
If he's won tournaments without having to beat the rest of the top 4, more power to him. Not his fault. By any standards, Nadal had a great year last year. Probably his fourth best.
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