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Hi Filip,

It is so generous of you to post on this forum! I became a big fan of you after i saw you win the Wimbledon JR title, live on RDS! I was instantly won over by your intense attitude and body language (and of course your game).

I am very excited about the future of Canadian tennis, people here have been waiting for a Canadian breakthrough forever and having you and Eugenie as the 2 JR #1s is very exciting to say the least! Let's hope the successes can keep coming in the big leagues!

1- Have you tried hitting on Eugenie (yes, on, not with) at the club and do you think I have a shot with her?
Just kidding of course. On a more serious note:
2- I am obviously curious about your gear. As a sponsored player, I am not sure you're allowed to divulge such info, but are you playing with a retail Blade? If so, any lead/modifications?
3- You are not a big guy physically but i was amazed at the amount of power you could generate. The modern game is so geared towards power, do your trainers put a lot of emphasis on training in the gym or is that not really a priority for now?

BTW, I am from Magog, QC and some of the other pros working for my organization (Tennestrie/Tennis Sherbrooke) told me you were suppose to make an appearance at the Hermitage Club this summer. I haven't seen them since; did either Jordan or Alex get a chance to hit with you?

Thanks again and keep up the good work!
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