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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Kramer and Gonzales are old rivals. Kramer wanted Gonzales to lose his crown as the best player on the professional tour. Are you sure you trust Kramer's account more than Vines' account?
According to Hoad's book, it was at the Tennis Club at Palm Springs where his back acted up, and the series turned around from that night. The score was 18 to 8 at that point, and Kramer believed that the result would be inevitable, as Gonzales had given up hope.
This is not to say that Vines' story is completely wrong, and Gonzales may have improved his game during the tour. But the drastic turnaround was due to Hoad's back.
Hoad would still win almost $200,000 in 1958 alone from prize-money, as his contract paid him more for a win than Gonzales' contract.
Despite the millions that Hoad and Gonzales won in tennis earnings, they were both school dropouts and lacking in financial skills, and both were temporarily broke when they died, in Hoad's case from trusting an old friend in a bankrupt commercial plaza deal.

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