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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Not many coaches can allow kids to play mostly points and tournaments before they have the proper strokes....and then fix them. Once kids start winning it is not easy to revamp strokes.

Take your girl Abby for example.....when do you think they will totally revamp her serve before she blows her shoulder with that round house action of hers? Age 14? 16? Ever? Seems to me the weeks spent traveling to worthless 12s tournaments could have been spent traveling to a serve expert. The time spent battling for points in practice should be spent fixing the serve.

Watching her serve makes my rotator cuff ache....the stress she is putting on her shoulder and even the inside of her elbow is huge. And will only get worse as she gets bigger and stronger. She is going to be the poster child for winning in the 12s-14s and disappearing off the face of tennis if that is not addressed.

So magically at age 14-15 she will start using a totally new serve under the stress of competition after being a big fish in the 12s-14s? Easier said then done.
Agree, gotta have the proper strokes before starting tournament play. Almost impossible to change ingrained "tournament strokes".

She will never lose her "killer instinct", let her apply that killer instinct to learning the correct techniques.
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