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Originally Posted by kishnabe View Post
You look very relieved after the Wimbledon title, did it change how you treated the US Open?

Lastly, what do you think is the main improvement in the Canadian Tennis program?

Thanks for representing Canada and inspiring other juniors.

Before I forget, it was nice to see you do the traditional Can DC dance in Montreal.
Thanks! I'm not a very good dancer haha. Last week someone saw the video and told me "you dance well for a white guy."

I was very relieved after Wimbledon, mainly because I had lost the 1st two slam finals I was in, and I had finally reached my goal of winning a slam. That definitely took the pressure off of me when I played US open, although I did need to win that as well to guarantee myself the year end #1 ranking.

I think the main improvement Tennis Canada has made was to create a training center where there is a structured program, training and competition wise, and where all the best players in the country are playing together, rather than being spread out around the country. Obviously the funding we get makes a huge difference and gives us many opportunities we wouldn't have otherwise.
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