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Vilas had a fantastic year in 1977 and you also have to take into account Vilas did beat Connors in the finals of the US Open and in the Masters. I can't see Connors as number one for 1977.
I just wanted to throw in a different angle when I posted Connors to be the overall most regular player at majors.I do not think he deserved nš 1 based on major records that year but he owned the very very strong WCT tour ( which only Borg,Vilas,Gottfried skipped among the best players).

Do you know my feeling? it may seem absurd but I think that very hot year was decided by a single double fault.That of Connors at the fifth set, tenth game of the Wimbly final.I am sure that, had not he committed that DF, he would have beaten Borg at the very final edge, after one of the greatest come back in modern history..and with Wimbledon,Masters and Dallas he would have been the nš 1.It may look a bit exagerated could have been very real.
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