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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
Just how is this ****'s season? He has done no better than Fed has,and has had a lousy year when you compare it to his year in 2011. I think Fed deserves the #1 ranking over ****. Not sure why you think otherwise(other than you're a flaming Cvactard).
He has done no better? Really? Who is leading the race at this point in time? The numbers don't lie. Novak has been the most consistent. Yes, Roger has had a great year, but Novak is the only player to make three slam finals, plus a semi. You say Rafa made all those finals last year, and people say it is a failure...well really it isn't, it is just that Novak made all those same finals as well, and was overall better in the slams than Nadal. And in 2012, Novak has overall been better again.

If Fed wants it, he is going to have to have to sweep the indoor season. Then, I will be the first to congratulate him and say he deserves it. But, at the moment, Novak for me has overall been more consistent.

And yeah, I like Novak. So what? Is that a crime?
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