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Originally Posted by LanEvo View Post
I just bought a PS 85, but I am deciding if I am going to keep it on a wall, or actually play with it.
play with it atleast once and its not going to hurt is it???

i played again with the yonex ezone 100,it was only a 2 hr hitting session with a friend and as far as i was concerned it was the last time i would hit with it and go back to my pd,s.
oh how wrong i was as i just played so well with it so its now thrown a serious curve ball in to my park so to speak!!!
i couldnt put the thing down and dont ask me why it played so well as i will be here all night explaining all the minor details compared to the pd,
i think the main reason i got on so well was getting used to the weird head shape that the yonex has as before i was shanking so many shots it was horrendous.
the jury is still out as it could have been just a fluke so im going to give the yonex another couple of weeks then i will make my decision on what will be in my racket bag and what will be sold on!!!

watch this space

cheers garry
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