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Hey there. I have coached someone who was number five in the world, and have trained quite a few pro athletes and I find your game very interesting Filip. Very interesting indeed. Do you mind if I make some suggestions to you?

Beyond that, I will say that you bring some things to the table that I haven't seen in a long time. Incredible energy, bounce in your legs, intensity, hand to eye coordination etc... Much better than most ATP pros in fact. Which I am sure you are aware of.

Obviously you have a lot of people overseeing your game, and normally outside suggestions are taken with a grain of salt, but I have been credited with seeing some things that most coaches in the world for some reason overlook.

But first I need to know if you are open to it. Your game as you well know is very, very unique.

If you like some of my information, the best of it would be email only.
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