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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
If you swing faster, you have to compensate with more spin, which means a closed racketface, yes.
If you want the ball to go faster, but flatter, you can slow your swing a bit, hit the ball flatter, and the ball goes faster. This requires a different setup, more body turn, closed to neutral stance, flatter swingpath, something you need to practice.
Well I just got back from hitting. And the slower swing with a flat swing path is definitely better for me. Even when I close the racket face I still find a way to shovel the ball. I used an agassi form and hit flat, with the wrist laid back, but the key was resistance and holding back. Hitting at 60-70% speed hit some nasty winners. I have to trust that less is more. And was also producing a great rally ball at 50-60% swing speed, fast, low over net, right in the middle between service line and base line, bounce low, and awesome and surprisingly easier placement. Then when I got that dinker from my opponent, I had to say out loud "hold back", hit 70ish%, cleared the net by 6 inches and hit the winner. The crazy part was I did this sequence dozens of times. Very consistent. I can now focus on match tactics. Thanks lee
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