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Originally Posted by fpeliwo View Post
I would say I'm away about 60% of the year. My parents never really accompany me on the trips, as its quite expensive.

I actually don't take care of the travel arrangements, as Tennis Canada does that for me. They pay for pretty much everything, including flights, hotels, training. Without them I would not be able to travel like I have been for the past few years.

My parents are far from wealthy, in fact they went into debt trying to support my tennis before Tennis Canada provided me with funding. All in all I am extremely fortunate to be able to play on the tour, and would not be able to if not for Tennis Canada's support, so I'd like to thank them.
This is astonishing since I read that you were a member of some very fancy and expensive club in Vancouver. Could you tell us where you played as a junior? What club was your base?
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