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Originally Posted by verite View Post
Yonex 100s:

This was everything I liked about the Babolats, but much easier on the arm. Huge power, and I could serve absolute bombs with it. But its a bit unwieldy and easier to frame a ball or launch it out than with the Prince. Maybe it can be tamed a bit by going HL or by changing string setup (it still has the TW demo multi).

Pro : Awesome serve. Ample power from everywhere on the court and not too bad on the arm.
Cons: Less maneuverable. Smaller sweetspot. Power needs to be tamed. Might be setting myself up for giving away lots of points by launching ball out.

My question is this:

Is it better to go with the more powerful racquet and adjust my setup/technique to reign it in? Or the less powerful racquet and add weight + gut and hope my serve continues to get better?
That's exactly how I felt about the 100S. All the good features of a Babolat without the hollow feeling. I know this isn't much of a help, but generally you want to go with the most powerful racquet you can handle. You'll probably have to decide if you think you can tame it.

My daughter switched from an APDGT and loves the 100s. I play an APD original and would switch if the 100s came in a "+" length.
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