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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
It takes extra skill to be able to adapt your swings to a different weight of racquet on the fly.

The only people I've ever seen change to different frames during matches are usually getting a beat down and they're looking for something to blame.
When I was in Australia couple months back I got to watch a pretty big deal local tournament. In the Open division there were players who had ATP/WTA points and some who used to have them. Tomic had even been runner-up in the men's event a few years ago, Scott Draper, Pat Rafter and Sam Stosur had all played it as juniors (and all had won events). So, really good standard at the Open level.

In the Open Mixed doubles, one of the guys was swapping from a Solinco Pro 10 when he served to an IG Prestige when he was returning. And, though common sense would say that it was the IG Prestige MP, it sure looked like the Mid that he was swapping to on returns. He and his partner won the match in 3 sets.

I also got to hit with one of the TW forum members while I was there and I noticed he changed racquets all the time. But he said he does it because he's on a constant search for something that feels like his old Prestige Pro so he keeps rotating through different racquets with different strings and tensions.
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