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Originally Posted by anirut View Post
I've only tried BB London mid in standard form.

Comparing the London to the Redondo mid is like comparing a refine gentleman dining in a restaurant to a guy in T-shirt and blue jeans munching on his burgers respectively.

The London is "subtle" while the Redondo is "raw". That's how I feel it. Result-wise, it's up to the player (and strings).

I'm in the process of reading through your Redondo thread/s but was wondering if you'd had the chance to try the new 2012 Black Ace and it's predecessor? I'm not precisely sure which of the three I should start with (I have to buy, can't demo any of them here in Australia) but I was thinking it'd be either the Redondo Mid or the 2012 Black Ace. I have a short-list of 'only' 8 frames (apart from the PK mids there's the Diablo Mid; Dunlop 4D 100 and Biomimetic 100; Volkl PB 10 Mid and Pacific X Feel Pro 90 Vacuum) to replace my circa 1987 Prestige Pro (mid). Unfortunately, none of them are available out here and I will have to buy in order to try. As a result, I'm trying to put some thought into which one I try first.
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