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Originally Posted by TheFifthSet View Post
Alright then how about Djokovic? He's superior to Nadal on hardcourts and has a positive H2H, yet on clay (where he's also superior to Sampras) he's 2-12 against Rafa.
The point is matchups I think. Which is the name of the game here and maybe mental fortitude and toughness.. Djoker can rally with Nadal outdoors and he doesn't have the same mental funk vs. Nadal that Fed has.

Djoker isn't that great of a clay courter anyways. So 2-12 vs. Rafa on clay, isn't a huge surprise. I never said, Pete would have a ton of wins on Nadal on clay did I? . Clay is clearly Nole's weakest surface. He can't slide and defend the same as he can on hards. And his serve (especially the 2nd serve isn't up to par). Pete still has that serve in his arsenal and can hit the cover the ball. So even if hes outmatched by a better clay court, you still couldn't sleep on him because his shots,and especially serve was wayyy more potent then Nole's is.

Big hitters tend to trouble Nadal more at times. Even on clay (see Soderling and Isner)

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