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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Obviously the facts and others disagree with you as the computer (which you always normally defend even in ridiculous cases like Wozniacki in 2011) ranked Connors at #1 for every single week of the year, while the ATP named Borg its Player of the Year. So Vilas is the only one of the three who was neither officially ranked #1 nor the ATP's Player of Year choice, hmmm wonder why that is. Why did even the ATP not name Vilas their #1 if it was so obvious he was the real #1 even though the computer never once ranked him there, as you claim.
You trust the 1970s ATP computer? I'm a human being, not a machine. As for why Vilas wasn't number 1 on the ATP computer in 1977, why don't you ask the ATP? Vilas never getting to official number 1 is one of the biggest mysteries in tennis. Vilas had the best record in the majors, won 16 tournaments in the year (including 2 majors), and had ridiculous winning streaks in the second half of the year. Borg and Connors are not near this for the year in question.

Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Your insistence on grading Vilas's French Open win as some proof of red clay superiority to Borg that year even though Borg didnt play, and as the same value as if Borg had been there, is on par with the delusions of a Barker or Ruzica fan saying their French Open wins made them the best on red clay that year, over Chris Evert, and for the record Vilas's chances of ever beating Borg in a major red clay event around then are about on par of what Sue Barker beating Chris Evert in one would be, LOL!
Will you stop putting words in my mouth! Vilas played and won the biggest tournament on red clay (1977 French Open), while Borg played WTT instead. I did not say that Vilas had "red clay superiority", neither did I say anything about Evert. That's your rhetoric. The point is that you have to be in the tournament in order to win it, and Borg ruled himself out by choosing WTT. Borg doesn't get any bonus points of "oh, he would have won had he played", for that. Vilas did play, and won it in dominant fashion.

Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Lastly his record on the year was 130-14, including an 0-3 record vs Bjorn Borg. Do not try to deceive people with your 72 of 73 matches stat, which is not a reflection of his overall year in its entirety.
Vilas' achievements for the year surpass Borg's. Borg had a fanastic record for 1977, but it doesn't match up to the sheer activity of Vilas. I don't know what else I can tell you.

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