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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Nadal would never beat Sampras indoors or in a major grass final (or even semi) which due to their consistently high rankings in the only times they would play until they were 30 or older. Nadal could beat Sampras on outdoor hard courts at some point, but would never have a winning record like he does with Federer, so 2-5 is about the best he would do if they played 7 times.

You seem to forget alot of these others played Sampras well before finals due to their lower ranking. Anyone who followed Sampras through the years knows that is when he was much more likely to lose, while only losing to the very best of opponents at the end.
I have no idea why Ferrari was a matchup problem for Sampras but others who were like Krajicek and Stich were since they could match his serving at their best, and were attacking players who could take the net away from him. Obviously this is nothing like the game Nadal would present.
Given the slowing of todays surfaces, I don't think that's necessarily the case. It would be a tough ask for Sampras to beat Nadal at the slow courts of the Australian Open -- not saying Sampras wouldn't win but it would be a tough ask. AND if they were to play 3 times at Miami, once at Indian Wells and 3 times on todays grass, I think out of those 9 matches Nadal would go 3-6. At Dubai and the four indoors matches, he would probably go 0-5, that I will concede.
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