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a number of studies, including one from Baylor about 5 years ago, and one from Belgium, demonstrate that drinking unfiltered coffee does indeed raise cholesterol, as much as 8 percent. Cafestrol, a potent elevator of cholesterol by virtue of a gastrointestinal mechanism, is removed from coffee by paper filters (along with some of the oils, unfortunately, that add some flavor).
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On a cost / taste / ease of use basis, the French Press is by far the best way to make coffee.

If this is all you have to worry about with your diet, I think you will be fine.
This is exactly my point. I am admittedly a huge coffee snob, and alternate between brewing methods, two of which don't use a paper filter. I eat a balanced diet of fish, just about only whole grains (including brown rice), chicken, very little red meat and typically have a glass of red every night or two. My lipid levels are fantastic. The rise in cholesterol linked to the unfiltered coffee is even hugely shadowed by the effects of the caffeine from drinking that amount of coffee. Here is a quote from an article referencing a Johns Hopkins study

In 2001, Klag and his colleagues reviewed more than a dozen studies that looked at the relationship between coffee consumption and cholesterol levels. They found that drinking an average of six cups of coffee a day was associated with increased total cholesterol and LDL, the harmful type of cholesterol. Nearly all of the rise in cholesterol was linked to unfiltered coffee.
If you drink on average six cups of coffee a day, then cholesterol is the least of your worries. Coffee's benefits far outweigh this high-dose risk.
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