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A guy has shown up in the Pro Player section. He was in the finals of all the Junior Slams this year, and won the W and USO, and is the #1 ITF junior now. He is inviting questions.

See below. Note use of "through the ball" not once but twice. Note the importance of sideways too (i.e. not standing open stance facing the net).

I am also impressed with his mention of hand and racket manipulation. I have noticed conscious direction control among the pros, which is not just by a different swing path. I notice them "forcing" a direction and am glad that I was correct. It is not about hitting "across the ball" at all.

5263 will be sending me a check for $1000 for revealing the truth to him.

Originally Posted by sureshs
Filip, hope you don't mind a technical question.

What tips can you give about hitting a topspin forehand with the right balance of spin and pace (depending on the situation), and the control over the direction (down the line or cross court), even though the swing motion is approximately the same? In other words, what is the difference you consciously make to achieve a particular speed/spin mix and direction compared to another combination?

Technical questions are tough to answer without physically demonstrating it, but I will do my best.

Basically you need to get under the ball with your racket and legs, transferring your weight up and through the ball, in order to keep the pace and depth.

As for changing direction, you need to be turned sideways as preparation, (this applies to every stroke) and use your weight transfer and hand/racket manipulation to direct the ball. Pretty much all you have to do is guide your racket and weight through the ball in that direction.

Again, these are difficult to answer, as it is a lot easier to learn if you actually see somebody demonstrate it in person.

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