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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
I think you are reaching on this one. The reasons are various including all the options American kids have for sports, tennis is far down the list. The structure of Euro clubs, etc. Better and consistent coaching. Less travel to get top competition.

Most American tennis kids come from families with assets. They can go to college if they fail as pros. Name me all these American families whose kids were good enough to make it as pros but who are now poor because of tennis? Or kids who were so scary talented but did not go pro because they were scared if they failed their family would be "poor". In my 20 plus years I can not think of any.

Europe has boatloads of unemployed and poor young people. France has a rate of over 10% and much higher for the younger people. Being poor in Europe is not any better than being poor here. They may have socialized medicine, we send the poor to the emergency rooms. We do have socialized medicine for the poor....its just that we spend 10 times more by using emergency rooms for it.

The reason American kids fail is the same reason anyone fails, they are not good enough.
All correct, but a larger number of poor is often comforting, in a perverse way. A poor guy in the US is in the small minority and people call him a bum. That can be more demoralizing than being poor
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