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Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
RPM mains at 52 lbs with Excel crosses at 55 lbs. RPM poly mains at 52 will feel and play stiffer than your current Excel mains at 58 lbs. Also, I never suggest to anyone that poly be strung over 52 lbs as it is much better on your arm to string polys between 40-52 lbs in my opinion. You may want to try 50-53 if you want more power. Poly mains will reduce your power significantly. If you string poly as high as your current multi, you will have far less power and it will be like playing with a board.
thank you very much for your feedback!

I've tried hitting with a full bed poly before, but that was a few weeks after I started playing tennis. Thought it was really really bad that time really. but as my game develop, I'm thinking about experimenting with different setups to better match my game.
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