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Originally Posted by Sander001 View Post
Aha so some players can get more spin with these new racquets and some like yourself, can get more spin with more closed pattern strings like the 18x20 you mentioned.
Am I missing something or are you just blatantly self serving and self interested?
I don't know if it's more spin or what but I really love an open string pattern.

I guess my racquet progression went from the Kblade 18x20 and just going more and more open and loving it more and more.

I switched over to the Donnay pro one 16x19 and LOVED it. It was basically the same racquet as the Kblade just a more open string pattern.

Then the Vortex Tour 100 came out with a 14x15 pattern and I went nuts. It's basically the same stick as the Kblade and the Pro one but an even more open string pattern .

Now Wilson has really come out with something so intriguing.....less crosses than Mains ? WOW!!!!

Luckily I know the weight balance and size stick I love the most....but the more open a string pattern the better I seem to play.

I'm wondering if anyone knows the specs of the Wilson 99s? I saw the rumored specs and it seemed a bit on the light side . Will it be the same specs as the regular 99 steam just with a more open string pattern? Is there anyway to get the stick before January?

Also I've seen people talk about prince having a stick with a really open pattern....which stick is it?

I have never been so anxious to buy a stick.....this is more exciting than the IPhone 5
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