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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Cool, hope it holds up in match play.
Most of us are strong enough to hit winners if we can stand within a foot of the baseline. We need to hold back some to get the ball in, or hit heavy loopy topspin shots that use lots of energy.
I'd rather hold back some, hit flatter, swing slower, and conserve some of my energy, but that's just me.
You nailed it man. It's one or the other. Heavy loopy spin, which swings harder, or exercising restraint. The only thing is to REMEMBER restraint. I was saying out loud "hold back" I have to trust that if I take some off and stay safe and slower, it will either be a winner, a mishit for my opponent, or a smash shot for me. All good things. We should play doubles against these guys that SCREAM topspin high and loopy is the answer. I usually have very close games with my friend. I'll let you know what the score is over the weekend.
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