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Honestly, nobody. What fed did in 2006 was insane. I was pretty shocked when nobody really mentioned it that much after that amazing year up until around these past 2 years people started to refer back to it.

Fed finished the year 92-5.

When your win/loss record looks more like Julio Cesar Chavez's career win loss record, you know you got something special. I really can't get over that number.

Just to put in perspective how talented federer truly is, he is 31 years old and still on the upper 2 percentile of all active tennis professionals. He has done better in accumulating tournament points beating out 98 percent of the active professional men's field. Look at hewitt, roddick, safin, ferrero, blake and all the rest of his graduating class, see where they are. Federer is really something special. People need to realize that.

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