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Originally Posted by SFrazeur View Post
The current prince racquet with the most open pattern is the Warrior DB Team at 14x18:

Thanks for that ! Very intriguing.....but I'm not even going to try it as after years of fiddling I have my specs pretty much down. These racquet specs are all wrong.

I am looking for a head light stick at about 11.0-11.6 strung with an open string pattern, and qite stiff.....67 at the least.....I don't want to deal with customization.

I will go off my range a little but not this much. At 10.4 ounces and 4 Pts head head heavyand 62 stiffness the prince is just all wrong for me.

But again thanks ! I'm sure there have been discussions on the stick so I am not going to ask anyone's thoughts on it.....unless you want to give it?
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