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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Just to put in perspective how talented federer truly is, he is 31 years old and still on the upper 2 percentile of all active tennis professionals

Laver won yet another Grand Slam at age 31. For Federer winning Wimbledon and briefly returning to #1 at 30 seems amazing, but for Laver winning all the slams at 31 was just ho hum, yet another day at the office.

Agassi was ranked #1 in the World and a Slam Champion at 33.

Serena has owned the last 3 major tournaments and made a mockery of the Worlds so called top 2 ranked players at 31.

How is what you said such an amazing feat.
Because you could only come up with 3 other instances, one from decades ago and one from the WTA?
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