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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
A pure open stance has both feet lined parallel to the baseline, so the shoulders cannot be sideways.

Notice how he emphasizes hitting through the ball. That is how pros do it.
Great post Cheatah.
LOL,, you never give up do you sureshs?

Now you come up with "pure" open stance??
Sure someone may have said that before, and you can use adjectives how you
like, but open stance is open. Feet parallel, rt foot more forward, left foot more
forward, or whatever you like; It's all open stance if it's not neutral or past
that to closed. IMO neutral is part of closed, but just more descriptive and semi-open
is just one variation of Open stance; also more descriptive.
Now you have brought up "pure" open which I guess is some version of open
you have decided??

Either way, I can step up with my right foot closer to net than my left, for an
Open stance Fh ( would you call that Hyper Open stance, lol)
and still get my shoulders sideways...and I'm 52 yrs old.

Last of all for the 100th time for you....everyone hits thru the ball to some extent or
it doesn't go anywhere. The question is more about the path of the racket as it
goes thru the ball;
not whether it goes thru the ball or not. Any player should realize this and it
is quite odd that you would continue to mention the most obvious thing in tennis.

What is not so obvious (clearly not Obvious since it has been explained so many times
and some are still confused; so clearly it should be taught in some manner) is that the racket
does not go thru the ball directly towards the target on that imaginary line, but
instead on some path "across" that imaginary line...
at least for good consistent Fhs anyway.
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