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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Djokovic's since like Federer he was unable to win the years biggest event on a certain surface. Nadal was able to win the years biggest event on all surfaces, making him superior to both. Djokovic was atleast able to win tournaments on clay and beat Nadal on it though, which puts him above Federer in 2006 however. As "no clay slam to go with his grass and hard court slam for the year" Djokovic is closer to being down with "0 clay titles and 1-4 finals record for year vs Nadal" Federer I voted him.
Lol..are you claiming Nadal's 2010 was the greatest year since Laver? Federer in 2006 made all four slam finals, won WTF, accumulated the most points in a season since ATP started, and only lost to two people. Nadal lost to more people more often and was less consistent. Nobody in 2010 felt the buzz of dominance that was felt in 2006 (or 2011) As for fields, that's pretty subjective. Might as well say Laver sucked in 1969, he just benefited from a pre-modern playstyle. But his season was still the best.

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