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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
oh there are plenty more if you wish:

Rosewall reaching Wimbledon and U.S Open finals at 39.

Sampras winning the U.S Open, the most physically demanding slam in tennis with the schedule (proof of that in Federer who last won it at 27) at 31.

Lendl ending a year ranked #1 in the World at 31.

Navratilova reaching the finals of Wimbledon at 37.

I am sure one of or both of Djokovic and Nadal will be adding to the list in several years time.
Rosewall didn't win, did he?

Sampras won the US Open but he was skipping tournaments left and right all year, so I assure you he wasn't tired. And what was he ranked again?

Federer is #1 at 31 too. And he won Wimbledon (something Lendl never won, even at 24).

Navratilova didn't win, did she?

You're clutching at straws now. What more? Haas appearing in Wimbledon at 34?

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