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I don't think that Nadal's 2010 was as great as Federer's 2006 (winning 12 titles and reaching 16 finals in 17 tournament appearances was phenomenal).

However his RG-Wimbledon-US Open treble on 3 different surfaces in a 16 week timespan was an amazing and very underrated achievement. Many great players couldn't win all 3 of those tournaments, the 3 most prestigious events in the sport, during their careers, let alone in one single year.

Federer had been two points away from achieving that feat himself the previous year, when he lost to Del Potro in the 2009 US Open final after completing the RG-Wimbledon double.

If Nadal had beaten Federer in the YEC final (not that Federer who was in inspired form throughout that entire tournament was going to be stopped), then he would have won the most prestigious tournaments on 4 different surface specifications (clay, grass, hard and indoors) in one year. Had that happened I think his 2010 would have been superior to Federer's 2006.

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