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Rosewall didn't win, did he?

Sampras won the US Open but he was skipping tournaments left and right all year, so I assure you he wasn't tired. And what was he ranked again?

Federer is #1 at 31 too. And he won Wimbledon (something Lendl never won, even at 24).

Navratilova didn't win, did she?

You're clutching at straws now. What more? Haas appearing in Wimbledon at 34?

The only straw clutching is desperate ****s who think winning a slam and briefly being #1 at age 30/31 is an unamazing unearthly feat when Andre Agassi, a total non GOAT contender, recently was winning a slam and being ranked #1 at age 33. As for winning Navratilova won Wimbledon at 33, and beat Graf and Seles and won tier 1 titles at age 36. Rosewall won Roland Garros and beat Laver to win the WTF finals at age 36 and 37. Anymore excuses in store?
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