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Originally Posted by harryz View Post
I live in Portland, Oregon and the other day (October 7th) I met two guys who work at the Nike Campus here. I had seen them play once or twice. One is a shoe designer for the pros, and he had a new pair of the shoes Fed is going to wear at the Masters. No lie. They are the new Vapor, and they're purple with black accents and the toe box is mesh. Very soft and flexible. Fed's shoes are size 11.5 and fairly wide; I wear 11s and tried them on, but they are too large for me. He brought the pair to the courts to give to his buddy, also a Nike employee, as they have a slight imperfection. They are NOT a paintjob or modded shoe in any way.
Did you have a retail version of the same shoe to compare side-by-side? Did you try both shoes on and play a set in them side-by-side to determine if they are indeed the same as the retail version? A paintjob is not something you can see with the naked eye because it's made to look just like the retail version. But if you tore the shoe apart and looked at what's on the inside and if you actually play in them for a while, you can probably tell the difference. Federer's shoe is closer to an older version of the Vapor but with the look of the latest retail version.

BTW, how can you be so sure what he had was a shoe that was made specifically for Federer? Just because he said so?
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