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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
So you are a glory hunter, good for you. By the same logic a Laver fan could say they are celebrating his 2 Calendar Slams while Federer wasnt talented or good enough to even manage 1, and while it is proven he is still in all GOAT debates 40 years after retiring, something which is a long way from remaining to be seen for Federer. A Graf fan could say they are celebrating a player with 22 slams and as many or more slams as Federer at every venue (6 times as many at Roland Garros, lol). A Serena fan could say they are celebrating her continued dominance of the womens game and growing greater by the day GOAT talk, and that unlike Federer she dominates the game amongst her gender and all her main rivals to the extreme at age 30. A Kournikova fan could be celebrating that despite being a tennis mug she is richer than pretty much all these other greats we are discussing. A Nadal fan could say they are celebrating his ascent to undisputed clay court GOAT, and probably on clay being the all time GOAT of any player on any surface, becoming the only man in history to win multiple slams on all 3 major surfaces, the only man in history to win a slam on each of the 3 major surfaces in the same year, and his total ownage of the so called GOAT Federer. A Court fan could be celebrating that despite how Americans try to lowball her greatness she has 24 singles slams and 62 total slams, records that perhaps nobody, man or women, in history will ever reach (especialy the latter). And so on...
1 of Laver's Grand Slams was against amateurs. He has just 5 Grand Slams against the real professionals. Federer has 17

Serena, Graf are from WTA, not ATP. I'm not sure why you keep bringing them up. Because no one in the ATP have come close to Federer's accomplishments and you have no choice but to go to the WTA for comparison? I can sympathize with that.

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