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But had one of their kids lost at the Zoo and then lost in straight sets to Peliwo they would have put him immediately into the class of the 'merely gifted' and out of the class of the 'elite'. Sorry, thats the way it would work. Its a brutal selection process.

Soccer has many times the players overall than youth tennis. So if you want to compare your situation to the elite soccer selection....only maybe the top 10 ITFs in the world would be kept on the elite track.
My point was the same as theirs, your in the sport "not" for fun but business, my belief is the same as theirs ,dont play all the tourney like you say and wait till the player is older and you have protected the investment from burn out and injurys from overuse.

So your telling me had a player gone from well over 400 nationally to no.7 in the nation in less then a year they would get rid of him? What are you
smoking ? This is the kinda player they are looking for , Now I have to see a video of your daughter got to see what your bosting of , this will be interesting HAHA PLEASE PUT THE VIDEO UP FOR US ALL ,QUIT BLOWING ALL THAT HOT AIR.,,,,LETS SEE THE PROOF.
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