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Default I'll clarify

Seems I left out some information. The guy who brought the shoes to the courts is a shoe designer and engineer for Nike who designed this model. The pair I saw were the newest version made for Federer to wear at the Masters. I didn't ask if they were custom; however, it was pretty clear from the way that the two guys talked about the shoes that these are going to be the retail versions and that's what Federer wears. The second guy was wearing the current Vapors, and he mentioned that he has had other shoes that were earmarked for Fed since they wear the same size. Apparently, he gets to "play test" samples. The only reason that the designer was giving him the pair was that they had a slight imperfection. It was clear that they both know Fed and other pros and are involved with Nike tennis (as is a third guy I know who is now with the pro apparel division). The designer talked about a new material for the toe guard , which he showed us, and how they had designed the shoe to be softer and flexier. It wasn't a long conversation; however, based upon what I heard I believe that these very shoes are the same ones that you and I will be able to buy.
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