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Default One more thing

The designer's name is Mike Huey, and the other fellow is named Dustin (didn't get his last name). Naturally, both were decked out in all Nike current gear. I'm sure that they shoes are not a paint job because Dustin was wearing a play test pair of current Vapors and they are not the same as what Mike brought by a stretch. A paint job would not account for differences in weight (I held both) or feel (Dustin tried on the new ones after wearing the current ones to the courts). Perhaps I'm naive, but I believe that the shoes I saw have been designed for Fed to start wearing soon, so that he can adjust to them before the Masters. That's what Mike shared. By the way, what information do you have that indicates that Fed and Nadal don't use retail versions of shoes (or clothes for that matter)? I don't have a horse in the proverbial race-- just sharing what I learned, which is no different than what a bystander talking to a stringer at a pro tournament might have overheard, learned and shared.
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