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Originally Posted by dangalak View Post
Nadal's passing shots on his BH side aren't that great. More of a FH guy.
Really ?So who has better BH passing shots if not Nadal? Djokovic is the only one who comes close and is mostly good at cross court passing shots. Nadal can hit insane passing shots both DTL and cross court. Watch his AO 2012 semis match with Federer again.

Originally Posted by dangalak View Post
I don't agree with Federer's BH being worse on slow hardcourt, he can take it early and the surface doesn't take that much spin.
Well its debatable. Against rest of the field not including Djokovic and Nadal, I can agree. But Federer's BH is exposed against these 2 guys on a slow HC since he can't hit through the court (example AO 2011 straight set loss against Djokovic).

I disagree that these surfaces don't take that much spin. I mean obviously Plexi and Miami courts are one of the slowest and highest bouncing courts, not sure what makes you say they dont take much spin?

Originally Posted by dangalak View Post
Nadal can't hit DTL with any authority, which is why I cannot accept it being a better shot than Federer's BH atm.
Yea I do agree he has problems with his DTL BH but its noticeably better than 2011. Overall his BH is a more solid and consistent shot on slow HC than Federer, doesn't tend to break down that often (except maybe some of his matches vs Djokovic in 2011) but as I said above in terms of shotmaking, Federer's BH is unmatched.
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