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So, It's been maybe more than a month now with the 315 and my elbow is definitely 98% recovered. Yesterday I did my usual 2 hour session with my hitting coach but without my tennis brace, and although I could feel a little bit of discomfort in the elbow area, it passed within a few minutes and this morning my elbow is ready to go with no pain at all.

I'm pretty much dialed in with the 315 now. During the weekend I pulled out a PSLGT for about 15 minutes just to see if my honeymoon with the 315 is over or not. Let me be frank- the PSLGT is probably the best racquet out there for serious tennis today. It is so solid and precise, yet with more than enough power and spin when swung properly. It is very tempting to go back to it...

I then pulled out a Pure Storm Tour and hit for maybe 20 minutes. OK, this racquet is for crushing the ball. Switching from the PSLGT, it was like getting out of a Rolls and into a Ferrari. It doesn't have the same magical feel as the PSLGT but it is easier to play with and be a little more lazy with and get away with it.

Then it dawned on me that the 315 pretty much covers what I like about both my other racquets. It really is a good, all-round racquet that does everything well. Maybe I serve a little better with the PSLGT, and maybe my FH is a little more penetrating with the PST, but the differences areso slight that I think I can make it up with improved technique.

Maybe I won't get rid of my babolats just yet, but I think I will go forward with the Ki5 315. Even after my elbow is 100%.
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