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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Djokovic has a good chance to end up with equal or more clay achievements than Federer. Do you expect Djokovic to win atleast 1 French before he retires? I sure do. Do you expect Federer to win another. I highly doubt even you can say yes to that. Federer has 6 clay Masters. Djokovic at 5 years younger has 3. Djokovic has a great shot to catch up there too. So if Djokovic is to end up with equal or more clay achievements than Federer by careers end today (we dont know for sure now, but probably atleast 55% likely to happen) why wouldnt it happen then.

As for who is the better clay courter, Djokovic has IMO been a better clay courter than Federer as far as level of play atleast ever since 2008:

2008: Federer played better at Monte Carlo, Djokovic better at Rome (way better), better at Hamburg, and better at Roland Garros. The last 2 both lost to Nadal, but at RG 2008 Djokovic won three times as many games while Federer sucked his way through an easy draw to the final before getting massacred. Hamburg is closer but Djokovic nearly beat a fresh and in form Nadal, while Federer choked in losing to a worn one.

2009: Nadal and Djokovic were both much better than Federer this year until the famous Madrid semi which seemed to kill both.

2010: Both sucked equally pretty much.

2011: Obviously overall Djokovic despite the FO semi result.

2012: Again obviously overall Djokovic.
Federer made 5 FO finals and won 1. Let's see what Djokovic does. And let's not forget, Federer's prime coincided with Nadal's best on-clay years. It was only after Nadal went past his beastly best on Clay that Djokovic started to get some success.

And ever since 2008? Federer's best years were 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 (even if his biggest success was in 2009). Djokovic's best were 2008, 2011 and 2012. You're basically comparing Federer's worst to Djokovic's best. And even then, Federer has been more successful. Federer made 3 finals and has had 1 win at the FO. Djokovic? 1 final.

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