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Originally Posted by LanEvo View Post
That's why I am deciding if I wanna get another or now, the one I plan on keeping on my wall will stay unstrung and all original.
i have to laugh at this tennis lark as you think youve found the ultimate racket that suits you and your style but you just cant help yourself from trying other rackets lol.
im more than happy with my PD,s and didnt think i would find anything that would compare to them but oh how wrong can someone be!!!

now i want to demo all the yonex range vcore 98d-vcore 100s-ezone xi 98-ezone xi 100.....but as anyone in the UK know,s the demo system here it crap and if you can get a demo you have to wait weeks/months for it or you have to stump up the full amount then play it and then send it back at your expense,you yanks dont no how luck you are lol

cheers garry
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