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Originally Posted by sbengte View Post
I meant, we all choose the circumstances we are born into to fulfill a certain purpose, believe it or not Of course, once you are born you are a prisoner as you would have no recollection of why you made that particular choice.
Here's something I found on the net, it could probably do a better job of explaining the quote than I ever could :

"They're both oaks, even if they were planted in different forests. But then, m'lord, we all suffer in our different ways from being prisoners of birth.” – Fraser Munro (A Prisoner of Birth - Jeffrey Archer)

So aptly put… come to think of it, most of what we are is because of something we don’t have a hand in. We can’t chose our parents, our religion, the social strata we want to belong to or for that matter our name – and it is all of these that gives us our identity. An identity that evolves, but never really goes far from its essence.

We are prisoners of our roots, and like in the extract, we can only hope to move towards the sun, while remaining firmly bound to our earth. I am not sure whether this is fortunate or otherwise, but one can only hope to grow into the tallest oak of the forest.
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