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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Well, let's see how I'm liking this older PD first. I'm also paying close attention to what my arm is telling me soreness-wise. Anyhow, I'm guessing the PD Team and 2012 PD share enough traits for me to get a good idea.

I'll say at this stage though, despite some undoubted cons, the PD does seem to address two of my slight quibbles re the APD, namely it provides more serve heat (and I really enjoyed this aspect yesterday), and it swung a bit easier and faster, I felt my maneuverability was slightly better.

On the down-side, it doesn't keep up with the APD/O in terms of basic b-line blasting (or not of the high trajectory, spinny, arching variety), somehow APD/O appears more effortlessly oomphy from the backcourt! The APD/O is nicer feel and flex-wise. Seems more solid slightly (PD did seem a tad weaker somehow).

And on a note of vanity, a negative for me re any possible prolonged usage of the PD would be the prospect of looking like every other Joe Shmoe out there with their PDs... on the the adjoining 2 courts next to us yesterday, there were other 2 PD users. Irrelevant ultimately, I know, but at least when you wield an APD Original, it's a bit more, er... original.
Ross, the 2012 version of the PD addresses the areas in which you feel yours is lacking. The overall feel for me is firm & solid. Whatever dampening tech they have put in it seems to work. What I like about it is its versatility. You can hit spin from the baseline effectively and also serve/volley with it. I have mine set up with 5g at the top of the handle and 4g at 3/9. Just hits a very solid ball. Stringing it tonight with Polystar Energy which I hope will be perfect for the PD.
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