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Guardian Summary

• The US anti-doping agency has charged Lance Armstrong with organizing and enforcing "the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen." In a 200-plus page report with hundreds of pages of supporting documents, the Usada presents evidence that Armstrong used banned substances throughout his career and coerced others into doing so.

• For the first time the report discloses the testimony of George Hincapie, a former Armstrong teammate and a widely respected figure in the cycling world. Hincapie said Armstrong used EPO, testosterone and other banned substances and engaged in illegal blood transfusion. He describes many scenes of drug use.

• In addition to using banned substances himself, Armstrong pressured other riders to do so and threatened them with ejection from the team if they did not comply, the report says. A subsection of the report is devoted to "retaliation against witnesses."
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