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Originally Posted by AndrewD View Post

I'm in the process of reading through your Redondo thread/s but was wondering if you'd had the chance to try the new 2012 Black Ace and it's predecessor? I'm not precisely sure which of the three I should start with (I have to buy, can't demo any of them here in Australia) but I was thinking it'd be either the Redondo Mid or the 2012 Black Ace. I have a short-list of 'only' 8 frames (apart from the PK mids there's the Diablo Mid; Dunlop 4D 100 and Biomimetic 100; Volkl PB 10 Mid and Pacific X Feel Pro 90 Vacuum) to replace my circa 1987 Prestige Pro (mid). Unfortunately, none of them are available out here and I will have to buy in order to try. As a result, I'm trying to put some thought into which one I try first.
Hi Andrew,

I haven't tried the new 2012 BA93 as I really don't know how to differentiate them by the paint job -- they look the same.

I have the first iteration of the BA93 and I had to mod it to a whole new racket to suit my play. As a result, it weights around 370 grams and about 13 pts HL. It has since become my WMD.

Anyhow, I'd suspect the feel from the layup should be very similar except for the balance and weight distribution, thus the lower SW. I "might" have unknowingly held the new 2012 BA when I visited TW's HQ last year when "the team" showed me a PK Heritage-mold prototype which, when dry swinging, felt pretty darn good with sorta of the right balance & SW.

To compare the feel of the Redondo and the BA, the Redondo's just soft while the BA's soft yet crisp. That's the best I can describe them. Power-wise I wouldn't wish to compare as my BA's so much mod'ed that it's not the racket anymore. But both are precise.

And of the rackets you mentioned: Diablo Mid; Dunlop 4D 100 and Biomimetic 100; Volkl PB 10 Mid and Pacific X Feel Pro 90 Vacuum, I'd suggest you take the Bio100 out of the mix -- just not our "classic" racket. I have two to my regret. (My customer's in Melbourne and will be in BKK next month. I may be able to pass the racket to you. Just PM me to discuss.)

I haven't tried the latest F100. It may be good. Just keep your options open.

As I haven't played the Diablo so no comments. Of the rackets mentioned, I like the 4D100 and the Vac90. The Vac90's really nice with the "right" strings -- and this takes a lot of experiments to figure out (if you're not using gut). Last night I was just enjoying the Vac90 and picked up the Redondo only like the last 20 minutes of my two-hour session (when the grip of the Vac unwound due to my improper winding of the grip). The 4D100's nice and soft and very quick in stock form. IMO, it's a very relaxed mid size when you just want to have a "play around" session. I bought mine used and the previous owner has like a ton of lead on it which really did give some serious heat for serious play. I've removed them all now.

As for the PB 10 Mid, it's a serious stick. Period. If only the SW was lower I might have considered owning one. (In fact I still want to own one for my collection.)

Hope this lengthy explanation can be of some help.

Making a Super Redondo:

"Don't play what's there. Play what's not there." -- Miles Davis

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