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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
I think this is the case. I used to play Dunlops, but the quality went down (and my girlfriend at the time didn't like hitting the heavy rocks like I did). I always liked Wilson, but a few years ago they would hardly bounce at all most of the time. Switched to Penn, but now they often seem to go dead much faster than they used to. Wilson US Open seemed to be higher quality than others and last longer, now they don't seem to be much different. Now happily using regular hard court Wilsons since they bounce fine again these days.
Dunlop balls have become too heavy now and too hard to control. I don't mind the heavy but Loss of control, i cannot forgive.

US Open Wilson balls have answered the customer complaints from last 2 years and have made the best ball ever this year. Now Wilson US open balls are the Standard Gold balls that others are measured by.

Penn balls are pretty good control wise but do lose air fast. but when are new, they are pretty good balls.
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